Data driven templates


Can anyone help me with the best practices.

I am starting with WordPress and trying to find best plugins/templates to use.

I am looking into builders and i really like the functionality except that most of them create static pages.

What is the best template framework to make it more dynamic.

A company provides services (10-15) and has showcases (10-15, media files, pdfs). So its the content of the website, but not a page. Its to small to use mysql to store(or not?) . Ideally its a yaml file: easy to edit and handle.
I would like to be able to create a page and use this data (display it in a certain way, like for example a page with a chart that has services on it, etc) and reuse it in parts on other pages.
And if I could use it as part of a framework or builder that would be ideal.

I don’t mind using php, but i don’t like to mix code and visualization so that’s why i was thinking about builders.

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