Dashboard not displaying correctly on mobile, Old PHP or something else to blame?


The first site I developed was made entirely on my computer, but I have recently needed to make some quick alterations via my mobile phone. Unfortunately,the WP dashboard formatting is not displaying properly on my Android. Things like Post entry boxes and the opening messages box are too wide for the screen and I have to scroll horizontally for days before I get to the end of them. On the computer, though, it still displays correctly. It is exclusively a mobile view problem.

The hosting I use is GoDaddy, but my PHP is still on version 7.2.3. I know I need to update the PHP, but unfortunately I used HTML5Blank as my base theme, altered everything directly on the parent theme, and never made a child theme (rookie mistake), so I fear an update will wipe out all of my old work.

Is my dashboard not displaying correctly because of the old PHP? If I update my WordPress PHP is everything likely to be lost? Or is the dashboard not displaying correctly a problem other people are having? TIA

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