dashboard – .htaccess found in every folder


Here are a few steps, even though you have to move in the process towards whatever is necessary.

  • Step 1: Backup wp-contents folder and the files

  • Step 2: Backup credentials at wp-config files

  • Step 3: Find and delete unwanted plugins and theme files, if anything is suspicious.

  • Step 4: Delete the default WordPress files other than wp-content folder.

  • Step 5: Reupload those files manually and replace wp-config.php with the previous one, otherwise database connection error will happen.

These are the most common steps to get rid of a virus, depending on the type of script they are using, or the location of of infected file, your steps will differ.

If the attacker has planted a file in the server storage, and you are using a shared hosting, you might need to change your hosting to get rid of it.

Hope this helps.

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