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It seems that WordPress does not save the post date in UnixTimeStamp in the database, and it comes up with the whole date and time format, as we can see in the image below.
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With this introduction in mind, I need to know how I can display the LOCAL date and time in the admin panel, instead of the default Gregorian date. Just as to get clearer about what I mean, just look at the following image.

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I am going to display the post date and time in local calendar which is not Gregorian. I never intend to change what is there in the database; I just need to display it in the local calendar in the admin panel. I don’t have any problems with the conversion itself. I can easily get the UnixTimeStamp using $stamp = get_post_timestamp($post); and then convert it to local date and time. However, I have no clues how how to show it in the above picture; in other words, how can I put the result of my conversion in the "date column" in the table in the above image. I want this to apply to all of the posts being created with a certain WordPress plugin. Any help will be welcome. Many thanks in advance.

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