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This question is sparked by some issues I’m running into using Elementor, but it’s not an Elementor-only question.

I’m trying to create a customized static blog page/latest posts page. I currently have one on my site that works properly; I just want a spiffier-looking one.

I’ve always assumed that a latest posts page is simply a static page into which WP inserts stuff. But when I created a new page and added some content to it, and set it as the latest posts page in Settings -> Reading Settings, it failed to display excerpts of the blog posts. The custom content I added showed up just not the posts.

This held true even when the “customized” page was totally blank (i.e., newly created and unmodified by me in any way).

In playing around I noticed that, at least for some themes, you need to set the latest posts page within Appearance -> Customize. Interestingly, when I go that route, and set the new/blank page as the latest posts page, it shows up exactly the way I expect in the customization window — the post excerpts are showing — but when I navigate to the page on the site after publishing the customizations the excerpts are once again missing.

Based on my years of experience writing software (mostly in C#) this feels like there’s some hidden setting somewhere I’m missing, or that what I think of as “just a blank page” must be created through a different mechanism (perhaps by the theme when it installs?).

But I’d really like to be able to customize my latest posts page :).

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