customization – Understrap child theme JS not working in custom-javascript.js file


I’m developing a WordPress custom theme using the child-theme of Understrap.

I’m adding my custom jQuery to child-theme > src > js > custom-javascript.js, and the file is already commented with “// Add your custom JS here.

I did this as instructed from the Understrap Documentation:

“Add your own JS to /src/js/custom-javascript.js to have them bundled into /js/child-theme.js.”

I’ve run the script in the console, and it works as intended, so the error is not with my script.

Yes, I have tried clearing my cache.

I’ve seen a few other questions related to needing to update a gulpfile.js, but no such file is included in my child OR parent theme, I have used the search function, and I also cannot find it on the Understrap GitHub repo.

Is the script not enqueuing properly? Have I missed something?

Thanks in advance.

mackayem 2 years 2022-02-16T02:25:26-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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