customization – Save And Display Mp3 Audio files on WooCommerce product page with Dokan


so basically I use dokan as my multivendor shop and I want to give sellers the option to add an MP3 Demo of their product that will display on product page.

I found following post from dokan explaining how to add custom field, it works and displays on right spots but the problem is that its a text, I need to change it to a file upload – MP3 only field and display a audio player on the same place in the product page.

What needs to be changed in the code to change it from Text to mp3?
I guess it should save the Mp3s in the Media library, idk how it should work.

I tried changing the html inputs to MP3 and it works for the file upload section but I dont know where it saves that file or or if it even saves it all, it doesnt show on my media library or on the product page.

Thanks for your time.

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