customization – How can I get the Media Library backend to show larger thumbnails?


I have a pretty simple need. On the admin screens, my media gallery is reducing my picture thumbnails to about 145×145 so they’ll fit in 6 columns across the screen. The only way I can get a good look at them is to click on them individually to see larger versions. I want larger thumbnails and fewer columns.

I’d like to show the grid images in the admin-side Media Library at about 450px square (probably only 2 columns across) so I can get a good gander at them. I’m comfortable editing child theme PHP files, etc., and if possible would rather just insert some manual code somewhere than rely on a plugin. But I don’t know much about how WP’s admin screens work or if they’re customizable by editing theme files like the front end is.

I’ve tried changing the thumbnail and medium default sizes on the Media settings page, but they made no difference.

There’s a 9-year old plugin “Media Thumbnail Enlarger” that seems to claim to be able to do this, I tried it but couldn’t make it work.

I can see in the code that WP is using the 300px versions of the images and displaying them at smaller sizes. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole trying to find what’s constraining the size or dictating the number of columns.

The thumbnails are enclosed within a <div class="media-frame-content" data-columns="7"> but that data-columns number seems to be set dynamically. As a kludgy workaround, I have gotten it to always create 2 columns by adding the following to my functions.php:

add_action ('admin_head','force_media_library_width');

function force_media_library_width() {
  echo '<style> 
.media-frame-content .attachment {
    width: 50% !important;
  .media-frame-content .attachment img {
    width: 100% !important;

However, this results in a quality loss, since it’s still using the 300px thumbnails, and now blowing those up to use up half the available space. I can’t find where in the code it decides to use specifically those.

I sure do wish the media gallery had a “thumbnail display size” setting. Failing that, where can I edit something to give me what I need, or, worse case scenario, is there a plugin that will do it? Thanks in advance.

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