customization – Conditional Logic on CF7 dropdown options


I was looking for an option that we can hide the specific option inside the dropdown.

But I was able to accomplish this using Conditional Fields plugin.

But if anyone knows a way to do this within dropdown options please answer. Thanks!

[select translate-from "Translate From" "French" "English" "Hindi" "Spanish"]

[group group-584][select translate-to1 "Translate To" "French" "Hindi" "Spanish"]

[group group-585][select translate-to2 "Translate To" "English"]

[select select-service "Select Service" "Service 01" "Service 02"]

[number number-words min:0 placeholder "Number of Words"]

[submit "Get Started"]

Conditional Logic

show [group-585] if [translate-from] not equals "English"
show [group-584] if [translate-from] equals "English"

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