customization – Advice how to connect custom database with WordPress, change data in WordPress and finaly use this data


Is it possible to create a page in WordPress that will allow logged-in users to create new or change existing content from the custom database?

So I think this task could be divided into three parts:

  • how to connect a custom database with WordPress?
  • how to create a separate page in WordPress where users will be able to change the content from the custom database (best with some forms)?
  • create a menu where I will use this data (I plan to do this via a child theme)

Can someone give me quick advice on where to start journey -> can this be done through Plugins (and which ones) or do I need to write PHP functions for this or some other technique?

Basically, I need to create an extensive menu where over 200 dishes will be presented (using data from the custom database) but the client wants to be able to change the data in some form.

I have experience with frontend, PHP, and MySQL but I only know the basics behind WordPress

Sladjan Ilic 1 week 2022-09-15T03:47:09-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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