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It seems that in WP6.1+ and the raft theme it’s become much harder to customize styles. The footer has custom wp tags ala “wp-social-link” but in trying to override list-style-type in order so it doesn’t have the default bullet the footer breaks (with valid json), style.css doesn’t override anything even with a high specificity.. is there some trick to the raft theme I’m missing where I can customize styles?

Original code in the footer:

<!-- wp:social-link {"url":"","service":"twitter"} /-->

My attempts to specify a list style type of none

<!-- wp:social-link {"style":{"list-style-type":"none"}}, "url":"","service":"twitter"} /-->

<!-- wp:social-link {"style":{"listStyleType":"none"}}, "url":"","service":"twitter"} /-->

The above two result in the social-link disappearing when switching from code to visual

And in the Raft theme’s style.css and end of assets/css/build/style.css (probably compiled but thought I’d try anyway)

footer nav li.wp-social-link { list-style:none !important; }
footer nav li.wp-social-link::marker { content: ""};

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