custom taxonomy – Prevent random entries in hierarchical false taxonomies


I registered a custom taxonomy with the register_taxonomy function, and set it as non-hierarchical, to get the autosuggest input field instead of checkboxes.

But, users now can add any random entry, if separated by comma. Is this possible to prevent this?

These taxonomy terms are meant to be created programatically, and user should not be able to create them.

Here are the options I am using:

$options = [
    'show_in_menu'       => false,
    'show_in_nav_menus'  => false,
    'show_in_quick_edit' => false,
    'show_admin_column'  => false,
    'hierarchical'       => false,

Tahi Reu 2 months 2022-10-07T09:59:53-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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