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Basically I am trying to setup a 5 star rating system for users to rate the job of the work provided by the service. I am using wp_insert_post to grab the name and description from the front end. That works perfect. I am not sure of how to store the checked value of the radio buttons that I am using to display the color of the stars. I can select my stars in the html form and they change to yellow no problem but of course when they load into wordpress and it displays as a post it just displays grey as the color because that is the initial color set in css. I did try to set an advanced custom field to checked:checked and pull from that to change the color but still no go and I may just be doing it wrong. If that is the correct way let me know. Here is a how I tried that. The rate-1 inputs are for the html form the rate-1-output is for the display of the stars after submitting post.

Here is a picture as well
enter image description here
Let me know what other code if any that you guys need. Thank you in advance for your time and patience for helping me with this. I never tried this before so is a first time and do not want to use a plugin especially since I am so close.

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