custom post types – WP Plugin for product RFQ (with both listed and unlisted product ability)


I’m upgrading my old WP website from having static product attribute/variants tables and a basic contact form (which has served me well last 5 years), to a more interactive RFQ (Request For Quote) ability.

I first tried to achieve this with a combination of WooCommerce and a few different plugins which morphed woo plugin into an RFQ capability, but they all had some significant limitations, possibly because they were just trying to turn off woo’s pricing and change the cart & checkout into an RFQ list and email … which is not too bad, very close result to what I want to achieve, but it lacks the most important capability I need, which is to allow the users to also add a ‘custom unlisted product’ of their own specifications to the RFQ list before it is posted.

As I have not been able to find any purpose developed RFQ plugins (with ‘custom unlisted product’ options) which are not simply ecommerce plugin modifiers, I decided to develop my own plugin from scratch with little experience.

Features I’m looking for are to:

  • Have a back-end interface similar to woocommerce for the website user to more easily interface CRUD the SQL DB for existing & new products with complex layers of attributes/variations without needing to go back into the code.
  • Have the front-end work a little like ecommerce for selecting product & attributes/variations as listed items and be able to populate them to an RFQ list (no prices, cart or checkout or payment gateway required).
  • Ability for front-end users to add custom unlisted products to the RFQ on the fly before posting the RFQ

My ability level is lower-intermediate ability in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL & WordPress but very much a beginner in WP plugin development, so needing some direction for best approach and preferably any suitable video learning material.

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