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I’m trying to create a plugin for WooCommerce where it allows a customer to make payments towards a balance on their account each month. Assuming everyone’s “minimum monthly payment” is different, what’s the best way to go about doing this?

I’m thinking perhaps a dynamic variable product might be the way to go, as suggested here:

…but perhaps I’m overthinking it? Is there a better way to programmatically hand a total to Woocommerce and send the customer to a checkout window? Any guidance, thoughts or ideas are welcome!

Current Details on the plugin

I have an Admin UI built out where it allows us to tie an old school, brick and mortar, POS system’s account id to a WP User account id, then detail it out with a total sale amount, remaining balance, minimum monthly payment amount, line items history, etc…

The data is stored as a custom post type called a “billpay-contract” and then the details I mentioned are all meta entries.

I’ve also built out the customer UI side, but now that I’m on the “Make Payment” button, I’m questioning the best way forward.


Well great. I finished this post and went to add tags to find out that Woocommerce questions need to go to a support forum where they reply to questions like this with “This involves custom coding which is beyond the scope of this forum.” Yeah. Duh. I’d like to ask fellow developers, not support techs (no offense intended – I used to support tech – I know that grind!).

Besides… I like Stack. I think I’ll stay =P

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