custom post types – How to have multiple search result pages in wordpress with taxonomy terms listed


I am using a custom theme which has custom post types. First one is Doctors another is Hospital. Both doctors and hospitals have a common taxonomy named specialities. Each speciality has some services assigned to them(Services here is a child taxonomy). What i want to achieve is once i select speciality as a filter The first search results appear which has 4 sections as follows :-

  1. The Services of the speciality listed(Services here is the child taxonomy). When i click on one of the services it shows me the second search results page which shows all Doctors, Hopitals and products linked to the particular service.

  2. List of a few doctors which has a view all button spmewhere which shows all doctors assigned to that speciality.

  3. List of a few hospitals which has a view all button somewhere which shows all hospitals assigned to that speciality.

  4. List of all products assigned to the speciality.

Note – I am using woocommerce for products and i have sucessfully achieved the above with that. Currently when i search for a speciality i have two sections in search results pages one for doctors and hospitals combined and one for the products linked to the speciality. I also know how to create different sections for doctors and hospitals in the search results page. What I am strugging with is how to display Services(Child taxonomy of Speciality) in the search result pages and have a permalink assigned to the same which displays all doctors,hospitals and products linked with that particular service in the second search results page. Please Help me out with this I am struggling with this for a long time.
Thanks In Advance

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