custom post types – How to add query args to links to CPT admin submenu


I have a custom post type I’ve created, and I’ve added an admin submenu page to display some data it generates. So far, so good. I’m displaying the data with my local extension of WP_List_Table, and I want one of the columns to link to a detailed view of the item in the row. So,

Add menu:

    __( 'Tickets', $this->plugin_text_domain ), // page title
    __( 'Sold Tickets', $this->plugin_text_domain ), // menu title
    'read', // capability
    'cwr-tickets', // menu slug
    array( $this, 'load_ticket_list_table' ) // callback

“Sold Tickets” correctly shows up as a sub-menu on my “Ticket Pages” admin menu.

The resulting url is http://localhost:8181/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=cwr_ticket_page&page=cwr-tickets, and that page correctly renders my table, all nicely using WP styles, with sortable columns and pagination, etc…. But one of my columns is “Details” and I want it to contain a link to a deeper view of the data represented in the given row.

So for the entries in my “Details” column, I want something like

<a href="http://localhost:8181/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=cwr_ticket_page&page=cwr-tickets&view=details&ticketID=abc123">view</a>

The question is, how to build that URL. I thought I could use add_query_arg, but it’s behaving oddly.

My column_default method override looks like this:

public function column_default( $item, $column_name ) {
    switch ( $column_name ) {
        case 'details':
            $args = array (
                'view'    => 'details',
                'ticketID' => '12345'        //placeholder for development
            return '<a href="'
                . esc_url( add_query_arg( $args,
                    menu_page_url( 'cwr-tickets', false ) ) )
                . '">View</a>';

I’ve tried it both with and without the esc_url wrapper, but either way, it ends up moving the existing page query arg to the end, and prepending it with #038; instead of the ampersand. That is, I get

<a href="//localhost:8181/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=cwr_ticket_page&amp;views=details&amp;ticketID=12345#038;page=cwr-tickets">View</a>

By the way, I’m in no way wed to this use of menu_page_url and add_query_arg; the question is, how to (properly / the WordPress way) construct this CPT admin submenu URL for the links?

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