Custom Path/Folder behind a custom post type


I have not find any attempt to start yet, so the question is – is it possible to add at path behind the output of a custom post type?

This means: I have a custom post type “movies” and fill it with several categories and other attributes/ratings/whatever.

Their Path will be:, …/themovie2, … and so on

What I need to add is an automatically generated page that takes input from both movies and will generate behind EACH movie, just as it was a child element of “movies” in the hierarchie:

and even “better”:
and vice versa:

Those have to be created automatically – I plan to create JSON files as a source for them as all the possible combinations being written into the database via insert_post would kill the database with millions of pages – I already know the architecture I need, issue is: can I create a single-movies.php that creates those sub-folders?
(Possible idea: using a GET Query and have it transformed instead of ?vs=xyz?)

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