Custom page for WooCommerce’s /product-category/


I am building a website from scratch on WordPress using WooCommerce. I’ll be having products from numerous brands and to have an easier time organizing them, I’ve made each brand a category. Currently, when I go to it’s using my page.php template. I would like it to use a different one, but I’m not sure what file I need to add. I tried page-product-category.php, page-product.php, page-category.php and nothing seems to work. I understand that “woocommerce/content-product.php” is what I need to edit in order t ochange what the woocommerce output looks like, but I also need to edit everything else, header, navigation, footer and so on. I tried a few more different pages too, such as “woocommerce/woocomerce.php”, “category.php”, but still no luck, it still uses my page.php template. Thank you in advance!

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