custom field – Set post status to draft after validating post meta values in save_post hook


I have some custom meta values to a custom post type (‘event’). The custom post type is displayed in the admin and the custom meta fields are appearing fine. I am using save_post_{$post->post_type} hook to validate the meta fields and change the post_status to draft (using wp_update_post) depending upon the validation of the meta fields and the newly set post_status.


All things are working except the top right section (in the admin post edit page) do not reflect the change of status. If I publish a post, the validation is working fine with the post_status set to draft depending upon the set condition inside save_post_{$post->post_type}. But the top right corner of UI shows ‘the post is now live’, ‘visit links’ etc.(Screens #1). Upon refreshing the page, the proper draft status view is reflected (Screens #2).

Screens #1:

Although the post_status is successfully set to draft from save_post_{$post->post_type}, the UI view reflects the ‘published’ status.

Although the post_status is successfully set to draft from save_post_{$post->post_type} the UI view reflects the 'published' status.
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Screens #2:

Upon refreshing, the actual draft status is restored:

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public function __construct()
    $this->sconfig= ['post_type'=> 'event', 'slug'=>'events'];
    post type and meta declarations
    add_action('save_post_'.$this->sconfig['post_type'], array($this, 'event_mbox_save'), 10, 2);

function event_mbox_save($post_id, $post=false)
    if (!isset($_POST['event_mbox_nonce']) || !wp_verify_nonce($_POST['event_mbox_nonce'], basename(__FILE__)))
        return $post_id;
    $valstat= $this->get_meta_posted_vals($_POST); // Validates the custom meta values. Returns $valstat['stat']= 0 if invalid and $valstat['log']= 'error message'.
    $original_pstat= $_POST['original_post_status'];
    $new_pstat= $_POST['post_status'];
    $insmeta= true;
    $errmsg= '';

    if(($valstat['stat'] == 0) && (!empty($original_pstat)))
         if(($new_pstat == 'publish') || ($new_pstat == 'future'))
            remove_action('save_post_'.$this->sconfig['post_type'], array($this, 'event_mbox_save'), 10, 3);
            wp_update_post(array( 'ID' => $post_id, 'post_status' => 'draft') ); // Setting the post to draft
            add_action('save_post_'.$this->sconfig['post_type'], array($this, 'event_mbox_save'), 10, 3);
            $errmsg= 'ERROR: '.$valstat['log'].' ('.$this->sconfig['post_type'].' reverted to '.$original_pstat.' status.)';
            $insmeta= false; // setting meta insertion false
        setcookie('event8273_add_notice', $errmsg, 0, "" );

        $evabstract = isset($postVal['evabstract']) ? $postVal['evabstract'] : '';
        if (empty($evabstract))
            add_post_meta($post_id, 'evabstract', $_POST['evabstract'], true);
            update_post_meta($post_id, 'evabstract', $_POST['evabstract']);


I have tried using wp_insert_post_data alongwith redirect_post_location which did not work either.

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