Custom CSS to remove overlay in Slick Slider carosel images


I’ve been pointed in this direction in the hope of finding a solution to my issue with images in my slick slider carousel. I have some experience with CSS, but I’m not an expert and it’s been a while since I have used WordPress!

I basically have an image carousel on my homepage. It’s the header, containing 4 images. I have been asked to edit the images so they contain a tag line that will sit under the header text on the carousel. I have edited these images in PS, in bright white font to match the colour of the header text and saved high res. Once uploaded, however, the white text has changed to a dull Grey and just looks ridiculous below the bright white text.

I believe there may be an overlay in the slider CSS for the images – but I don’t know where to look. I have tried some custom CSS to see if I can remove it, but currently, nothing has worked.

The site I’m working on is but my edited images are not live as I can’t publish them until the issue is sorted, but the images in the carousel are the same, just without the added text. The attached image is one of the images and what it looks like in the WP preview, in PS the text colour match (The header text as far as I can tell is an SVG text image)Grey text

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