Custom CSS In Uploads Folder


I am wondering if it is typical to have custom CSS files in the uploads folder.

I have inherited a custom theme from a previous developer, and a significant amount of the styling of the front-end is derived from this stylesheet, which again is not in a theme or plugin folder but the wp-content/uploads folder. I am struggling to find out how it is derived, but there it is.

Is this considered poor practice or is there a use case for this?

I believe the previous developer said something about Visual Composer or JS Composer and compiling less files… but I am not sure about this, he is out of contact, and I’m wondering why we are using a stylesheet in this way, therefore this question is about best practices and why a plugin such as Visual Composer would put the CSS there… I also don’t see how it is derived from this plugin because when I go into Visual Composer’s custom CSS feature the style-sheet appears to be empty. The stylesheet in question is also minified, whereas the other styles are not…

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