Custom archive template: split “days” arbitrarily


I’m planning on posting to WP during a multi-day event. I’ll be setting up a category hierarchy something like this:

  • Events
    • Event A
      • Daily Report
      • Interim Update
    • Event B
      • Daily Report
      • Interim Update

I plan on creating a custom category archive for Events, mostly so that posts in each event are sorted chronologically, not reverse-chronologically. So far, this is standard stuff.

However, I’d like each "day" for each event to end when I post something with the Daily Report category, rather than at midnight of that day. In some cases, I will be posting after midnight, but would like to keep the Daily Report post together with the Interim Update posts when viewing the posts for that day. (Just to be clear, Event A and Event B will not be happening at the same time.)

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