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So I have two different applications with WP + WooCommerce. (On cloudways if that’s of interest)
Since both belong to the same owner he asked me of a backoffice solution to retrieve data from both at the same time.

Currently I’m stuck on file permissions. From withing a PHP file I wanted to load each of the WP instances with the corresponding wp-load.php and retrieve the data like I did with the single instance before. But on requiring the wp-load.php on the second application I get a permission denied error.

The folder structure is a hash for each application belonging to root with the group of the application user. I can reset both applications to the same master user which neither has the group for the approot nor is root. I already tried setting both applications to the master user but I still get the same error.

Also I’m running into troubles loading both WP instances for data access.

Do you have any pointers?

Kind regards

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