Creating an Administration Interface


I am looking at developing an admin interface of sorts for a Character tracking system for a local roleplaying game I run.

The concept is:

Characters level up each time they attend a game, at predefined levels they gain ability points to allow them to select new skills, that allow them to do different things in game.

Players may have more than one character at any given time.

What I need:

An interface where a player can login to their account and if the character is at the required level add skills from a list of predefined skills. Skills have prerequisites against them and the player should only be able to select skills if they meet the criteria for it.

All the skills are defined in a custom post type called “Skills” they have custom meta boxes that store the information such as the prerequisite skills the required level and the correct class a player has to be.

Player information is also currently stored in a custom post type called “Characters” Currently no custom meta-boxes have been setup for this post type, but when a character is created they will need to select their “Race” and “Class” among a few other details. These details can all be stored as post meta.

What I am struggling to workout is how to integrate everything.

My current thought is:

Basic Character information stored in Custom Post Type and Post Meta
Character Skill information stored in Custom Table
Interface where Players can select their skills at the appropriate level, skills should only appear in the select box if they meet the level and prerequisites.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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