Creating a table in the admin-style?


What is the recommended way of creating a page with a table, in the style of the tables showing posts or users in the admin area?

I am expanding the Cache Images plugin, and it contains a table with domains and a number of images from that domain. So there is no equivalent existing table that I can build upon (in the first version of this question, I asked about a table with posts, but there I could (maybe) expand the existing post table).

Should I just base myself on the post overview page, and start with a <table class="widefat">, or are there better functions that handle this now? Do you know a clean, empty example of a table with paging that I could base my work on?

, Jan Fabry 4 years 2020-06-07T11:10:27-05:00 0 Answers 88 views 0

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