Create API’s for custom-post types & custom queries using REST or Graphql


I want to create a cross-platform app using rest APIs for the website ( The website is in WordPress and has custom post-types, fields & custom queries.

This app will not have any user auth.

What I want is to get custom post-type (in my case: courses) in REST & need to run a custom query (custom meta-query).

So I need a little guidance:

  1. How to create REST API for the custom post type
  2. How to create end-point for a custom query.

Any help would be appreciated around this.
I’m not expecting a thorough and but a details steps with brief would be helpful.
I believe the second question needs to be asked as a separate but I only need a brief idea of it.

Thank you.

Danish Mohammed 4 months 0 Answers 12 views 0

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