Create a Resume custom post types and form using Buddyforms


enter image description hereI want to create a custom post type of a resume template that looks exactly like the attached image. I decided to go with Buddyforms, as it is going to be a frontend submission with a community presence. I wish to know how to achieve this with it.

The way I plan achieving it is by creating multiple forms referred to as components and attach them to a single page. This page would pass as the Resume template. Each form (components) will have multiple elements.

Examples of components would be:
1. Personal info
2. Skills
3. Volunteer
4. Address
5. Interest
6. Experience
7. Education

I am inexperienced in using Buddyforms, in fact, this is my first day of using it. My question is, is it possible to achieve that with Buddyforms? If yes, how?

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