Create a custom admin page for custom post type + taxonomies + metas


I’m writing a plugin that realies on custom post types, new taxonomy and few custom fields.

All this data will be private (not queryable or searchable).

I’d like to provide an admin page to the user, to add and edit this data in a more suer-friendly way.

For instance, the custom post type will have only a title and the excerpt field, one taxonomy and the custom fields.

I know how to add meta boxes to a custom post type, but this is not enough to me.

I’d like to make a completely custom html interface that will take care of adding/saving/deleting che custom post type and handle the taxonomy and metas.

Just to be clear, I know already ho to write a normal plugin and handle plugin’s options.

I don’t know how, with this plugin I can:

  • Add a new menu item in WordPress admin menu
  • In this menu item, handle, with a custom interface, the custom post type

There is some how-to out there that could help me achieving this?

, Andrea Sciamanna 3 years 2020-04-06T12:53:43-05:00 0 Answers 91 views 0

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