Continue execution after WP REST API response


I am trying to extend the WordPress REST API with an endpoint that takes Zoom webhooks. Zoom requires a response within 3 seconds or will blacklist your endpoint address, but the processing that I want to do when I receive a webhook takes longer than 3 seconds.

What options do I have for returning a response from the WP REST API immediately but then carrying on execution?


  • exec() a child process in the background then return the response (but this might be a security risk)
  • Write a flag to the filesystem then return the response. A regular cron job will spot the flag and do the processing (but this will result in a delay in the process being done depending on how frequently the cron job is scheduled)

For non-WP scenarios I’ve seen solutions proposed that use fastcgi_finish_request() but I’m not sure how I could return a result from my callback function using this.

Ari Cooper-Davis 3 months 0 Answers 5 views 0

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