Contact form 7 add automatic =0A character in place of break


I am sending sending mail by submitting a contact form to a CRM email address, but CRM not able to parse mail because its add =0A in place of break / new line

What receive on mail:

First Name: Shiv=0ALast Name: Singh=0AEmail Address:
=0APhone Number: 345636=0AVehicle Year: 3456456=0AVehicle Make: 456=
456=0AVehicle Model: 4564=0AVehicle Condition: True=0AOrigin Zip: 201009=
=0ADestination Zip: 201009=0AMove Date: 2022-07-15=0ACarrier Type: Open=
=0AComments: rtytuytyu=0AUrl: Sour=
ce ID: 1

What we need in source code:

First Name: Shiv
Last Name: Singh
Email Address:
Phone Number: 345636
Vehicle Year: 3456456
Vehicle Make: 456
Vehicle Model: 4564
Vehicle Condition: True
Origin Zip: 201009
Destination Zip: 201009
Move Date: 2022-07-15
Type: Open=
Comments: rtytuytyu
Source ID: 1

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