Connect javascript calendar to CPT ACF fields?


I’m wondering how to link data from CPT ACF fields to a JS calendar on a page.

I’m currently learning JS so sorry if this is a basic question!

I’m building an ‘events calendar’ calendar view using a codepen snippet. This is where I’m up to.

I’ve created the events as a CPT ‘events’ and ACF custom fields and would like to populate the calendar with the relevant fields.

The snippet starts with the below code. How can I replace ‘Event 1, Location’ with dynamic data from my ‘events’?

// generate events
var eventDates = {}
let day1 = formatDate(new Date(new Date().setMonth(new Date().getMonth() + 1)))
eventDates[day1] = [
  'Event 1, Location',
  'Event 2, Location 2'
let day2 = formatDate(new Date(new Date().setDate(new Date().getDate() + 40)))
eventDates[day2] = [
  'Event 2, Location 3',


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