Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 not working and displaying [/group] in output


I’m trying to get Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 up and running in WordPress. I’m using Contact Form 7 version 5.1.3 and Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields version 1.9.14.

I’m trying to follow this tutorial, which gives you the final code to paste into the Contact Form 7 Form tab:

Your name: [text your-name]
Your email address: [email* your-email]
<p>What kind of support do you want?
[select* support-type first_as_label "-- Choose support type --" "Technical support" "Sales"]</p>
[group technical-support-selected]
  <p>Your operating system: [select* operating-system first_as_label "-- Choose your operating system --" "Android" "iOS" "Linux" "Windows" "Other"]</p>
  [group os-selected]
<p>Please specify your [group os-android inline]Android[/group][group os-iOS inline]iOS[/group][group os-linux inline]Linux[/group][group os-windows inline]Windows[/group] version:
    [text* version]</p>
  [group os-other-selected]
    <p>Please specify your OS and version.
    [text* other-os "Operating System"][text* other-version "Version"]</p>
[group sales-support-selected]
  <p>Where is your business located?
  [select* continent first_as_label "-- Choose your continent --" "Europe" "America" "Africa" "Asia" "Oceania" "Antarctica"]</p>

<p>[textarea comments]</p>

[submit "Send"]

and this code to paste into the Conditional Fields tab in Text view:

show [technical-support-selected] if [support-type] equals "Technical support"
show [sales-support-selected] if [support-type] equals "Sales"
show [os-selected] if [operating-system] not equals ""
               and if [operating-system] not equals "Other"
show [os-android] if [operating-system] equals "Android"
show [os-iOS] if [operating-system] equals "iOS"
show [os-linux] if [operating-system] equals "Linux"
show [os-windows] if [operating-system] equals "Windows"
show [os-other-selected] if [operating-system] equals "Other"

However, when I paste the code in, the final output isn’t hiding anything and [/group] shows through to the output. Here’s a screen grab:

enter image description here

Any idea how I can get this working?

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