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So, I have a weird problem, and I’m not sure this is the right place to ask it, but I’m going to try because all other options have failed.

I have a site that is running WPML and WooCommerce. On this site, I have a page called Guestbook, which is just like any other page, but it accepts comments. Anyways, I recently decided to do some clean-up of all the “awaiting comments”. They’re all spam so I hadn’t bothered until now. But going into the comments section of Admin, there is nothing there!

So my question is first of all, how do I rectify this? And could it have something to do with my code in the theme? I can’t think of anything personally, but perhaps someone has stumbled upon this before and might have some insight?

Swedish WordPress Admin, displaying all languages.

“Kommentarer” is “Comments” in Swedish, just FYI.

, Athoxx 1 year 2020-07-24T18:10:20-05:00 0 Answers 55 views 0

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