Comments invisible after moving WordPress to new server, while commenting still works


I moved a wordpress installation from one server to another. I dumped the DB, copied over all the files, put all DB data into a new database, changed wp-config.php to the new database info, and after the DNS servers agreed to point the domain to the new ip, the site seemed to work fine. also, I moved the wordpress installation from www.domain.tld/WP/ one folder up to www.domain.tld (without the WP subfolder), a day or two later, and that also worked fine.
I then noticed that all comments do not show up. I know the following:

  • Comments worked before the move.
  • All old and new comments are still there in the backend.
  • The line “2 comments for Post Title” is still generated correctly.
  • The comments do not show up at all, the generated html looks like this:
        <ol class="commentlist">
            <ul class="children">
</li><!-- #comment-## -->
</ul><!-- .children -->
</li><!-- #comment-## -->
        </ol><!-- .commentlist -->
  • The form to write a new comment dows show up, and it works, users can write a comment, it gets queued for review, the author of the post gets an email and can allow or disallow the comment, answer it, just as usual. The comment count on that post then goes up (“3 comments for…”) but the comments still won’t show up.

edit: There is no output at all in the debug log.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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