Commenting requires wordpress login, wordpress discussion and post comments tick boxes are checked


The theme developer / customizer is not helping and I am an amateur in coding. For commenting on the page I need to be logged in as a wordpress user. Below code is from comment.php . Earlier i have had people who were able to comment but something changed sometime back. Theme here is Portada elegant blogging theme. Is there a way to make commenting normal or remove the requirement from the code to be compulsorily registered as a user to comment. I can use native wordpress tickboxes to enforce that if required.

        <div id="comments" class="theme-clear-fix" data-cpage="<?php echo (int)$Comment->page; ?>">
            <?php comments_template(); ?>

‘.esc_html__(‘Name’,’portada’).($req ? ‘ *’ : ”).’



‘.esc_html__(‘Email’,’portada’).($req ? ‘ *’ : ”).’






‘.esc_html__(‘Comment’,’portada’).’ *


‘id_form’ => ‘comment-form’,
‘title_reply’ => __(‘Leave a Reply’,’portada’),
‘cancel_reply_link’ => __(‘Cancel Reply’,’portada’),
‘comment_field’ => $commentField,
‘fields’ => apply_filters(‘comment_form_default_fields’,$field),
‘label_submit’ => __(‘Leave a Reply’,’portada’)


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