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In trying to format the post, reply form, comments and reply form to display on my Blog Page I am getting an ‘incorrect’ duplicate form (where the correct form should be placed) and the "correct" form is displaying below the footer of the page, where I do not want it.

I have made notes on the template parts, that show up on the displayed page, to help identify what, is coming from where. They are labeled as "CLS DEBUG NOTE" to help to make the issue easier to see.


Here is the main Blog Page which is displaying correctly, as reference:

Main Blog Page

This is one post page with a comment that is not displaying correctly, follow notes on the page

incorrect form placement

Final link shows comment made on one post showing up on an entirely different post page than the comment was made on. Comment made on "hello World" post but showed up on " hope this works" post page.

Posted on Wrong Page

I think this might be simple, but at this point I don’t yet know enough to recognize what I’m seeing to fix it. As well, any recommendations to the "Definitive Theme Template" or tutorial will be much appreciated.

Thanks Again!

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