Comment form: Add Radio button logic


I am trying to make a custom comment form for my site without any plugins, in order to keep the site slim and secure. As you can see I’ve already made some way.

The comment form for every visitor (not signed in) am trying to create (mobile view):
Screenshot of comment form


  1. Header: “Do you wholeheartedly agree with this manifesto?”
  2. Radio buttons: “Yes” “No” “Maybe” *REQUIRED
  3. Text input: “Full Name” *REQUIRED
  4. Button: “Sign Manifesto”

The button will only be active/enabled if the visitor has the radio button Yes checked. After the comment has been posted only the name will be shown below the form, like this site: (except they also require job/position)


  • Child theme: Yes (with access to functions.php)
  • Parent theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • WordPress Version: 6.2
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