Changing post per page causing 404 for pagination. Need a redirect htaccess rule


i changed my wp theme and i changed the “post per page” wp setting on “reading”now because i want to display more posts on the archives pages. i m using pagination on the archives so a lot of pages disappeared. now google web master tools is showing me a lot of 404 errors.

For example, /author/max/page/150/ now 404s. There are many of these across numerous folders (/author/, /category/, etc.)

I cannot simply redirect /page/ as (for example) /author/max/page/100/ is a valid page.

What I would like to do is to say, “if */page/xxx = 404, then redirect to /page/”, or something like that, but I’m unclear on how to proceed.

i think i need to redirect the 404 errors to a working page by an htaccess rule.

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