Change wp-login.php? Problem with .htaccess password protection and multi user shop


I use a .htaccess password protection to secure my wp-login.php. For me as the admin of the WP/WooCommerce installation everything works fine so far (my password manager helps me to remember the tons of passwords). But now I have the problem, that there are are also registered customers which should be able to see their own customer accounts.

When these customers want to log out from their account, they click on the link /customer-logout/ (which is in fact just the wp-login.php) and the .htaccess password protection appears. But, of course, my customers don´t have this password (and should not have).

Is there any solution for this? Maybe it´s possible to create a new logout function just for the user role “customer”? Or maybe you have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

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