Change Dates of multiple WooCommerce posts [on hold]


Good family!

I have a problem and it is that when importing a CSV, I have the products with the dates ‘backwards’, the old products with the newest publication date, and the newest products with the old date.

How can I ‘turn it over’ massively and put them with dates well? Since there are thousands of articles. For example with an increase of +5 minutes.

Example of how I have them:

  1. Product older (date 25/05/2019).
  2. Product old (date 24/05/2019).
  3. Product new (date 23/05/2019).

I need them like this:

  1. New Product (date 21/10/2019).
  2. Product new (date 25/05/2019).
  3. Product old (date 24/05/2019).
  4. Product older (date 23/05/2019).

But I don’t need an order by, I need to change the dates “backwards” because if I change the order by, when adding new products with date and today, they would show up at the end.

Thank you for your time and help!

cordobita 4 years 2019-10-21T04:31:46-05:00 0 Answers 76 views 0

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