categories – WordPress – When visiting a `single post/ single.php` my category menu item link becomes active


I’m new to WordPress. So, I’m not really sure if it’s normal behavior or not but this is bothering me. So, I’ve my main navigation menu consists of Home | category_1 | Category_2 | Category_3 ...

The issue is that whenever I click on a post link it loads as expected but the category under which the post is created also becomes active which I don’t want. For example, if I click on a post from category_1 it loads with the single.php template, and my navigation menu(top navbar) becomes Home | **category_1(active)** | Category_2 | category_3....

So my questions are is it a normal behavior in WordPress? And how can I load the single post without making the catgroy link active??

Bipul Roy 10 months 2022-03-26T01:42:10-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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