categories – How to make a custom category archive page display names for each of terms when displaying a page showing more than one


I have a custom page for a specific custom category which was derived from archive.php. On this page I have a “Search and Filter” (plugin) set of checkboxes which allows for a selection of one or more categories and the results are then displayed. This all works well.

I’m using a custom category (added with Pods) called “rk_themes” and labelled as “Themes”.

I need to show the term names that were selected in a status line along with the number of results. It should show “10 works found for Category Name A, Category Name B”.

The URL for this is like

Showing the count is easy enough, but I can’t figure out how to access the term names. A var_dump of WP_Query suggests there is only a label for the first term.

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