categories – Categorizing Custom Posts in Bulk Based on Title


I’m working on the website of a client who used pages for every type of content in their not so small website. What they’ve done is created 400 pages for different projects they have interacted with. To display them on the website they’ve created a manual list that is broken up in categories. All projects are pasted as anchor links in the text editor under a heading for the category. So there is no real, data in admin tagging projects in their respective categories.

I’ve transitioned all of these projects to a custom post type, however I have to figure out how to break them up in their respective categories so that they can be filtered, sorted etc. All I have to go from is the manual list they’ve created so that would mean I only have titles.

I was thinking on running db queries adding cats to projects based on title, but is there a better way? Or any other alternative?

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