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I’m facing a problem with the structure that I would like to implement inside my woocommerce. I would like to create a shop page with 4 layers hierarchy.

My goal is to make customer navigate in this way: once they click on shop they should see three main category like MAKES (ex. MAKES 1 – MAKES 2 – MAKES 3) – once they click on one of them they land on a second page where they see all subcategory of that one called MODELS (ex. MODEL 1 – MODEL 2 – MODEL 3 – MODEL 4) – once they click on one of them they land on YEARS category (ex. YEAR 1 – YEAR 2 – YEAR 3 – YEAR -4) – in the end they see the last layer of subcategories named COMPONENTSTYPE (ex. COMPONENTSTYPE 1 – COMPONENTSTYPE 2 – COMPONENTSTYPE 3) and then all the products from that component type folder.

So to sum up everything I need MAKES – MODEL – YEAR – COMPONENT hierarchy navigation inside my shop page.

Any ideas?

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