Can’t Change WooCommerce Default Language to Spanish (Mexico)


Going a bit mad here on how complicated they have managed to make changing the language in WooCommerce.

My site is in Spanish (Mexico), interface admin is in Spanish.I have also managed to set Storefront (theme) in Spanish (Mexico).

I then proceeded to visit this URL to download the po file for WooCommerce:

Download the latest stable version as: wp-plugins-woocommerce-stable-es-mx.po

I tried placing this file inside:


And it just does not show up on Spanish.

I renamed the file to woocommerce-es_MX.po and tried in these three directories with no luck.

I have search all over the place but everyone has different suggestions from questions that are a bit dated, so I’m wondering if something has changed.

Incredibly frustrated….thanks much in advance.

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