Cannot activate custom theme for All in One Event Calendar


We are using All In One Calendar Plugin version 2.5.37

We have created custom theme as per the guidelines mentioned here:

It was working fine before.

However, we by-mistake updated the Plugin to the current version 2.6.7 and our all customization is gone. Fortunatly, we had a backup so we rolled back to previous version 2.5.37 where we had custom theme files.

I follow this path to activate our custom theme
Dashboard -> Events -> Calendar Themes -> scroll down to the custom theme and clicked on “Activate”

I get the message that “New theme activated” – however, I am not able to activate the new theme.

The result is I can only see the basic default theme on front end without any customizations.

Please share insights to fix this issue. I have asked this question in the All In One Events Calendar Help Forum, but till now there isn’t any reply.

Many thanks in advance.


Bhargav Joshi 4 months 0 Answers 18 views 0

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