Cannot access my website from my Wi-fi


This is the strangest error I’ve ever seen. Here’s a timeline:

  1. Website is extremely slow, due to what I now believe to have been a WPML bug. I delete WPML, I download SG Optimizer, a Siteground plugin. I do all optimizations, wait a few hours, and it seems to work.

  2. I download and install P3 Plugin Performance Profiler in an attempt to make it even faster. BIG MISTAKE. My website crashes, and I lose access to the admin. I call Siteground support, they deactivate the plugin for me.

  3. My website works, but not on anything connected to my wifi. Just a blank page is shown. Everyone else is able to access the website. Not only that, as others access the website, the pages accessed become immediately available to me. Meaning, my brother would visit a link previously unviewable from my end, and it would become viewable. Same thing occurred with Siteground support and At&T support. I tried on a laptop, two desktops and my phone. Same result. On my phone, if I got off the wifi and onto cellular data, the website worked. I could even sign into wordpress admin.

  4. After thinking about it, I figure it has to do with some SG Optimizer cache option. I manually purge the Dynamic Cache, and now I can’t access any part of my website.

  5. I call my ISP, they restarted the gateway, and now it’s back in the same mode where the front page work, but everything else doesn’t unless someone accesses it first.

Any help is much appreciated. It looks like until this is fixed, I won’t be able to access my own website from my wifi. I can’t even access the admin panel.

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