can you help review CCCP (Conditional Cookie Content Post) and help to create a block?


I just need for one site with a front en video with sound to remove the video after two view
I achieved to make it with cookie to show/hide a class

can be seen a demo at

and this is the used code
it works with post or blog but need to adjust everything inside

Maybe somebody can use this to create CCCP = Conditional Cookie Content Post bloc ?
(and no, i’m not an old cccp citizen)

/*  elarifr - Set a cookie and count x displayed page to hide or show or reset content     */
/*     */
/* Add this snippet in function.php of your child theme                                    */
/*  */
/* */
/* Remove cookie from cache  Lightspeed /wp-admin/admin.php?page=litespeed-cache#excludes  */

add_action('init', 'my_set_cookie_show_count');
function my_set_cookie_show_count(){
    // set cookie expiration time
    // select +1 day week month year or value 
    $expiry = strtotime('+1 week');
    if(!isset($_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"])) {
        setcookie('cookie_show_count',0,$expiry, COOKIEPATH, COOKIE_DOMAIN);

/* snippet to add to hide content on home frontpage */
/* Shortcode [cookie_show_count_hide] [/cookie_show_count_hide] */
/* Should be updated to pass arg from short code instead of function */
// Choose page ID where you want the cookie to be updated
// Set a Page_Id number 2,42 , a post_title 'Contact' or post_name (slug) 'about-us', 'contact', 'management'
// array( 2, 42, 'Contact', 'about-us',.... )
// You can change code to dispaly element every time cookie exceed on number of view
// Would be nice to add a toggle to force to show / hide
function cookie_show_count_hide() {
    // Choose page ID where you want the cookie to be updated
    $cookie_show_hide_page_id = array( 951 );
    //number of max allowed repetition before hiding element
    // Copyright Banner you're not allowed to modify the content or remove display of $cookie_show_hide_element 
    $cookie_show_hide_element ="n<!-- Copyright Banner you're not allowed to modify or remove display of cookie_show_hide_element n";     
    $cookie_show_hide_element.=" n";
    $cookie_show_hide_element.="Use shortcode [cookie_show_count_hide] [/cookie_show_count_hide] -->n";
    //change style div or css element to show hide 
    //you should even add a script but not tested
    //$cookie_hide_element="<style> figure.wp-block-video{display:none!important}; video.wp-block-video{muted: muted}} </style>";
    $cookie_hide_element="<style> pre.wp-block-code{display:none!important};}} </style>";
    $cookie_hide_element.='<div class="wp-block-pullquote">Vous avez déja vu la vidéo ' . $_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"] . ' fois...  De retour dans ';
    $cookie_hide_element.=$cookie_show_before_reset - $_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"] . 'vues</div>';
    $cookie_show_element="<div class="wp-block-pullquote">Vous avez déja vu la vidéo " . $_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"] . ' fois</div>';
    // to select a post use is_page(), for a news use is_single()
    if ( is_single($cookie_show_hide_page_id) ) {
        if (isset($_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"]) ) {
            // update cookie count
            setcookie('cookie_show_count',$show_count,'' , COOKIEPATH, COOKIE_DOMAIN);
        // $cookie_show_hide .= "_COOKIE[cookie_show_count=".$_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"];
        if ($_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"] >= $cookie_show_before_hide ) {
            // $cookie_show_hide .= " I WILL HIDE DIV";
            $cookie_show_hide = $cookie_show_hide_element . $cookie_hide_element;
        } else {
            // $cookie_show_hide .= " I WILL SHOW DIV";
            $cookie_show_hide = $cookie_show_hide_element . $cookie_show_element;
        //reset count if > 10
        if ($_COOKIE["cookie_show_count"] >= $cookie_show_before_reset ) {setcookie('cookie_show_count',0,'' , COOKIEPATH, COOKIE_DOMAIN);}
        //$cookie_show_hide .= "page id". is_page( $cookie_show_hide_page_id ). is_single( $cookie_show_hide_page_id );
        return $cookie_show_hide;
add_shortcode( 'cookie_show_count_hide', 'cookie_show_count_hide' );

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