Can selected taxonomies be used dynamically to display information?


I’m creating a business directory site in which users will create a business listing and while creating that listing, select certain amenities they offer. I’ve created several taxonomies to be used as filterable items for viewers while browsing the listings. Each listing has its own listing page which shows detailed information about their business. I want to dynamically input all information on this page from information inputted by the business upon setting up their listing and most of this is being done using Advanced Custom Fields. I want the amenities they offer to be displayed on their listing page but since this information is tied to a taxonomy, I don’t know if it’s possible? My question is, when a business sets up their listing and they select the amenities they offer, can these selected taxonomies be displayed as text on their listing page? Currently, the taxonomies are only used to filter the listings and since they’re not a custom field, I don’t see a way to display them as text.

I hope this question makes sense. I’m not a coder, I just use WordPress and it’s plug-ins to develop my site.

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